Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Yes! School is out! Thunder is out! That means NO swim practice!! And best of all, I get to rub it in the public school's faces!! Oh, yeah!

Anyway, if you know my little (okay, HUGE) secret, then you know why I am stuck here for the summer. My dad says he wants to buy a villa in Spain, and it sounds really cool, but i also think that it will turn out to be one of those things where you dream of it, but it never comes true. For instance, (no offense Courtney) we love vampires, or at least normal people do, and yet this terrible world will NEVER contain them. That really stinks.

For the last day of school, I got this hair dye. It was metallic gold and I was going to put streaks, or dye my tips, or something like that. My dad says it looks goofy so he says I can't wear it. I dissagree completely, and mostly because that means I wasted 5 bucks and I lost the recipt to Great Clips. All my dad has to say is, "Oops, you are just gonna have to sell it in the yard sale or something. Let a poor little kid look goofy and donate it to GoodWill. We need that discount this year anyway."

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