Saturday, May 1, 2010


Now I'm positive that it's been a while. I doubt anyone still reads this, mostly because everyone moved from Blogspot to Webs, a different free website service. If anyone is reading this, I'll tell you now... this is the last post.

I thought I was doing well, coming in here everyday after school, but that was last year. Now I'm busier, not neccesarily with homework, but you know me, the book addict. I posted 49 times in the past year, because I started this blog back in April 2009. That's pretty sad, not even 1 post a week.

If I continue to do this sort of thing, I'll be on Twitter.

To everyone that read this blog or is reading it now: Thank You.

Viv W.

May 1, 2010

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Wow, it's been a while. I guess I've been busy with homework and whatnot. Here are a few stories on the Spansish teacher at my school, and I want you to decide if this is okay and should continue or not.

Story 1: My friend's older brother was in Spanish class and saw a classmate locked out of the room and trying to get in, so he gets up to open the door. He got demerits for "leaving his seat".

Story 2: Someone in my class was praying in class, and the Spanish teacher yelled at him for "not paying attention". He nearly got demerits.

Story 3: Most people have dry throats in Spanish, all because the teacher won't let you leave the room under ANY cirumstances, even if you're dying of thrist or about to pee on the floor. Anyway, this happened to several people. They needed water, so naturally they coughed. They got demerits for "disrupting class".

Therer are many more stories about this awful teacher, and this is just a few. The teacher even asked a 7th grader what her problem was.

Ugghhh, I want to slap her!!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010



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a few days ago this fat dude snuck into my house, and i guess he left gifts so we would forget about it.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Sorry I haven't been on in a while, I forgot how to log on. :) Silly me. My computer is speaking in Spanish for some reason. Right now I'm staying up so I can watch Taylor Laughtner on SNL. The only problem is that the show comes on at 11:30. My parents are iffy.

Is anyone going to the Black Eyed Peas concert? I want to go really bad, but because my parents are iffy, they have to talk about it while the floor seats are selling out. I also found out how to get backstage passes. You just have to pay about $600 at most to get a few souveniers, a private tour, and and invite to the after party. I don't know if you get to meet them or anything.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The first day of Thanksgiving break.... I'M SOOOO BORED!!!!!!

* Donny Osmond won Dancing With The Stars. I never really watched the show, but "Go Donny!"

* Some autistic 11 year old went missing and they found him in a NYC subway. He rode trains for 11 days and was completely fine. Wow.

I g2g. To bored to write more.

Monday, November 23, 2009


OMG!! I got Burt Reynold's autograph!! And let me tell you, it's about time. Just kidding!!

You all have probably heard about Miley Cyrus's tour bus. I'm going to tell you anyway. On Friday, Miley Cyrus's tour bus flipped over on a highway in Virginia. The driver was killed and another 48 year old was severly injured. But wait! It gets even worse. Miley Cyrus was not riding with them. Now you can say "Aww man! Miley Cyrus could have died. I wish she did!!".

Now I gotta go.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Today is Veterans' Day. My uncle and grandpa are Veterans. My grandpa fought in World War 2, and my uncle served 4 years in the Navy right out of high school (most likely in the 60's-70's).

School pictures came home today, but mine's so bad (well I think so) I'm getting a retake tomorrow.

Because I don't want my blog to be boring, I'm going to spill the news.

1. There was some soccer player on some team, and DURING the game, she punched another player (other team), after she pulled another player to the ground via other player's ponytail (other team, different person). She said she will take full responsibility for her actions and will take any punishment nessecary.

2. My social studies teacher is rewarding us for our good deeds tomorrow with merits and(should I say the dreaded word?) doughnuts. EEEWWW!! By the way, I DID find 2 other people that do not like doughnuts. A 4th grade teacher at my school and a lady my mom works with. I still don't see how you like them. THEY ARE NASTY PEICES OF GARBAGE!!!!! In case you did not know, I DESPISE doughnuts!!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Haha, people in public school have school today, while I am freeeeeee!! Anyway, I didn't post for a while because my hamster died November 1st. I've been busy making this cool gravestone. I'm going to try to get a picture of it up here, if my computer starts working again. Uggg.... Oh, that reminds me. I got a pair of Fuggs! They look exactly like real Uggs, so the only difference is the label, and about $80. I think it was a good deal. Emus aren't very good, in my opinion. It looks exactly like Uggs, but it's $20 more. The label is really weird, too.

I worked hard on this picture, so enjoy it.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Heyyyy!! I think I'm going to get a lot of 'interesting reactions' for this post. Here's why: Guinness World Records revealed 10 'unbreakable' records. #2 was the lightest woman. Trust me, she makes me feel fat. Anyway, she was 26 when she broke that record and she weighed... 4.7 pounds! Don't you feel fat now? No offense to anybody, but I bet you do.

I'm trying to get more funny and interesting reactions, so if you have any ideas on how I can do that, please comment!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I'm SO mad! Everyone says my post are boring. I think I'm going to take away the reactions. But first, I have more news.

*Miley Cyrus will be in a Rated R movie. I'm not sure which, but she is and it's supposed to be REALLY inappropriate. What's her problem?

I made a betwith this guy at school that I would not laugh all day tomorrow, or I owe him 10 bucks. I'm not going to give him anything.

Monday, October 19, 2009


I'm kinda sad. Did 2 people really think that my last post was boring? I'll re-read it. Hang on.
. . .
Oh. NOW I see what they mean. I kept talking about my computer malfunctioning and Duke TIPs classes. So now, I am going to give news:

*Some people think Jay Leno is killing NBC
*You can stay at the Virgin Islands for 75 cents, not including airfare. So, you can stay 3 nights for 25 cents a night at a luxury resort. I wanna go!!!

That's all I have. I need more. Blah.

FaceBook: Just got one.
Fave game: Sorority Life (don't care if I spelled it wrong (game on FaceBook))

Now what?

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Today is a fabulous day.
#1: I got online for the first time in days!
#2: I finally got out of that stupid Duke TIPs class. There are some kids who have practically memorized the family tree of Greek Gods. (OMJ!)

Anyway, I have nothing to talk about except what I am doing with my blog. You see, I am hardly ever getting online. It's not because I don't want to, it's because my computer is malfunctioning and running slowly. While I was trying to come up with a solution, I thought about changing it into a mass Power Point Presentation. I could save it and send a mass e-mail with the PPP attached. But I can't go online. So now, Courtney will take a memory stick and help me share the blog when I can't get on. Thanks!!!

If you would like to recieve it, please notify me or Courtney.

<3 V!v

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I don't know what to talk about. But, I'M IN SCHOOL!!! I mean, I'm typing in a school computer lab!! More l8r.