Thursday, September 3, 2009


School was boring. What else is new? On my home, my sister said her teacher is having a study group. It would be after school, and my sister asked my mom if she could join. My mom liked the idea, of the eacher having the study group, I mean. My brother had that teacher last year, and he asked my mom the same question. My mom said no, because he had STRAIGHT A'S. He said he wanted to join because his average was a 98% and he wanted higher. Anyway, my mom says no, and my sister starts naming all these untrue reasons (most of them blaming me and my brother for making her loose her concentration) that she is dumb enough to actually NEED it. No offense to anyone who was in that. My sister, Brenna, starts yelling, my mom starts yelling, and when we get home, they are both so mad, my mom whacks Brenna on the head.

I don't know why I did the blabber yesterday. I think it was because I could not stop thinking about Reading Class.
As you can see, this a picture of my hamster on her birthday. It's kinda fuzzy, and the story's kinda wierd, but I will tell you anyway. My hamster, Jewel (not Jewels), just had her 1st birthday on May 2nd. I thought this might be her only birthday, so I threw a little party. I got a new set of tube to hook up to her cage, got the camera, and started making tiny salads that would serve as cake. Even though Jewel hates Brenna's hamster, Honey, she came. Mostly because she was too slow to escape me. For the main course, they had raw oatmeal. Then I served the 'cake', and we opened present. I had the most fun: goofing off. I tried to take pictures when I wasn't laughing at this stupid little party I made. Jewel probally won't remember it, but I definetly will.

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