Monday, September 28, 2009


It's almost September 30. I like writing 3's. My favorite number is 13. There is a lot of 13's in my family. There's my birthday (2/13), my parent's anniversary (3/13), Jennie's birthday (4/13), and my mom's birthday (11/13). Believe it or not, 3 of them were on Fridays this year! That reminds me of a blabber I did once. I named all these dates and about 13 being my lucky number. I also said that Nick Jonas' birthday was 9/16, and that he turned 17 this year. My reading teacher, Mrs. Sheperd, asked if I knew all the Jonas Brothers' birthdays. I was like, "Yah." Then someone beside me was all like "obsessive" in a sing-song voice.

Speaking of 13's, my mom ALWAYS puts a 13 on her lottery ticket when she picks the numbers. The most we ever won was $7. It seemed like $1, because my dad bought a $5 lottery ticket, and my mom bought a $1 lottery ticket. You do the math.

Speaking of math, which is a school subject, who voted library? I'm not saying it's the wrong choice, or it's dumb, or anything. I just haven't heard of anyone who likes it best.

l8tr sk8r boi

(comment if you know what it means!)

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