Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I feel like there is a lot of competition. In what? You may ask. My friend Julia has a blog, too. So does Courtney, Madison, Sarah, and there probally is more. I have 4 followers, Julia has 6. Now I will act like a spoiled snob. I WANT MORE FOLLOWERS!!!!!! I don't have subscribers on YouTube, even though I don't have any videos, still. Either sign up for YouTube and subscribe to JiggaPod, or become my public follower. FOREVER!

I wonder how Jennie is doing. I haven't talked to her in a while. If she was reading this, I would say, "Aloha, Jennia and Lucille!", but she is more than likely not reading this so I am not going to write that. Duh.

I was going to post this really bad video of Adam Lambert to show you how blech he is, but they won't let me post it. I guess I'm done.

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  1. seriously i had no idea i had 6 followers i dont check my blog i dont evan do it any more but ill be ur follower :D julia :D