Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Whoa, it's been a while. I am really sorry I have not been on for a while, I have been busy with my summer reading, and I literally just got back from Saint Augustine. Summer is almost over, and school is starting. So sad.
Speaking of school starting, my parents have decide that I will get my braces over Christmas break. After mine and my brother's braces, they will have spent almost $11,200 total on our teeth.
Teeth is a boring subject. Moving on, while I was in Saint Augustine, we went downtown one day for lunch and afterward ice cream at Kilwin's (the best!). We were walking toward Kilwin's, and I saw the cutest t-shirt ever! It was yellow, with Saint Augustine on it, with a bunch of neon splatter paint on it. Me, my mom, and my sister go in there, while my brother and my dad go into this stupid gun shop across the street. All they have is swords and overpriced, fake guns. Anyway, when I walked into that little shop with the cute tees, they sold turtles. Not the big, slow ones, but the tiny freshwater turtles! They let you hold them, and it was so cool! Some are fast, some are lazy, but all so cute!
We also climbed up the lighthouse. There was a great view, you could see for miles! I will add the pics next time. Yes, that might be a while. You can start waiting, right, . . . NOW!!!!

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