Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Hey! Yes, I know. I have not written for 2 days now. Let me think of an excuse.... Well, I was reading, doing homework, reading, studying, reading, and -guess what?- more reading. Twilight is addicting, let me tell you! Court, I am on page 375, starting Chapter 18.

My grandparents are coming on Friday. That is all I have got to say on that topic.

I guess I have nothing to talk about. Oh, I know! Spanish. Last year, I (and MANY other people) enjoyed Spanish more because of Ms. Doyle. She moved to Chicago, and so now we have a new teacher: Mrs. Saldana. She is a native from Panama, and she barely talks English. If I was hiring someone... I would hire my friend's mom, Mrs. Smith. She is all American and speaks Spanish very well. Either her or my friend Carmen. They both would be great compared to her.
** Note: If you enjoy Mrs. Saldana, forget everything I just told you. Sorry!**


  1. It wasnt Chicago it was Colorado

  2. i think it was Colorado ms. doyle moved to