Sunday, May 3, 2009


On second thought, I will keep the date. I like how it looks when you guys see it.

Yesterday I had the party for my hamster. You knew that. It was really funny. Okay, I set out two bowls and put hamster food in each one. Then I put my hamster in one of the bowls and my sister's hamster in the other. Previously, I mixed together a blackberry, some broccili and celery to make something like a cake. I served that next. I put a candle in Jewel's (my hamster) cake, and let her blow it out. Me and my mom blew it out because Jewel was eating as soon as she saw it. Finally, she opened her present. Jewel recieved a pack of tubes to add to her cage. (From me!)

Yes, yes it does sound silly. But I have said this before: It is her first birthday and it could be her last so I want to make it special.

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