Saturday, March 6, 2010


Wow, it's been a while. I guess I've been busy with homework and whatnot. Here are a few stories on the Spansish teacher at my school, and I want you to decide if this is okay and should continue or not.

Story 1: My friend's older brother was in Spanish class and saw a classmate locked out of the room and trying to get in, so he gets up to open the door. He got demerits for "leaving his seat".

Story 2: Someone in my class was praying in class, and the Spanish teacher yelled at him for "not paying attention". He nearly got demerits.

Story 3: Most people have dry throats in Spanish, all because the teacher won't let you leave the room under ANY cirumstances, even if you're dying of thrist or about to pee on the floor. Anyway, this happened to several people. They needed water, so naturally they coughed. They got demerits for "disrupting class".

Therer are many more stories about this awful teacher, and this is just a few. The teacher even asked a 7th grader what her problem was.

Ugghhh, I want to slap her!!!!

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