Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Today is Veterans' Day. My uncle and grandpa are Veterans. My grandpa fought in World War 2, and my uncle served 4 years in the Navy right out of high school (most likely in the 60's-70's).

School pictures came home today, but mine's so bad (well I think so) I'm getting a retake tomorrow.

Because I don't want my blog to be boring, I'm going to spill the news.

1. There was some soccer player on some team, and DURING the game, she punched another player (other team), after she pulled another player to the ground via other player's ponytail (other team, different person). She said she will take full responsibility for her actions and will take any punishment nessecary.

2. My social studies teacher is rewarding us for our good deeds tomorrow with merits and(should I say the dreaded word?) doughnuts. EEEWWW!! By the way, I DID find 2 other people that do not like doughnuts. A 4th grade teacher at my school and a lady my mom works with. I still don't see how you like them. THEY ARE NASTY PEICES OF GARBAGE!!!!! In case you did not know, I DESPISE doughnuts!!

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