Friday, October 9, 2009


I was just reading Lisi Harrison's BLAH-G. Yeah, that's what she calls it. I really like her books, and I learned that she will SIGN YOUR CLIQUE BOOKS if you send them to her. She swore she would, but that it might take a few months. I am SO sending in a few. I want to send in The Clique first, but I have a little list of people who are reading it and want to borrow it. To be honest, it's not something I'll reread.

My new favorite song is called 'Candy Girl' by Jackson 5. Some people are having debates on whether it's by Jackson 5 or some other lame-o band called 'New Edition'. I tinks it's by the Jackson 5, because I can hear a higher version of one of their voices in it. MJ sounds like he's 5 or 6. Probably their 1st song.

Anyway, I REALLY want more comments. So now, if you have a question about my blog, write a comment, don't e-mail me unless you absolutley need to and you don't want other peoples to see it. But seriously, I WANT MORE COMMENTS!!!

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  1. Hi
    i havent read the clique books but they are supposed to be good. Which one is yor fvorite??